Advanced Epi holds a small quantity of epi wafers in stock ready for immediate dispatch. There is no minimum order quantity for epi wafers from the stocklist. The table below shows a non-exhaustive list of epi wafers we have in our stocklist. Please contact us via our contact page or by emailing to request a quote for any of the epi wafers listed below.

If you are looking for epi wafers that do not appear on this list please get in touch.

EpilayerThicknessDoping TypeDoping LevelSubstrateOrientationDiameter (mm)Quantity
Ge0.5-1.2 µmundopedNASilicon1001004
Ge0.5-1.0 µmundopedNASilicon1001506
Ge0.7-1.3 µmundopedNASilicon1002002
3C-SiC300 nmundopedNASilicon1001007
SiGe(25%)100 nmundopedNASilicon1001505
SiGe(7.5-50%)10-150 nmvariousvariousSilicon10010013