Group IV Epitaxial Services
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Mobile Communications - Strained SiGe, GeSn
Harsh Environment Sensing - 3C-SiC MEMS
Power Electronic Devices - Silicon, 3C-SiC, 4H-SiC
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Advanced Epi offers a range of tailored services focusing on group IV semiconductor materials including silicon, germanium, silicon carbide and various alloys. In addition to supplying epitaxial materials, Advanced Epi specialises at in-depth material characterisation, device fabrication and process development.

With access to cutting-edge processes and techniques, Advanced Epi is the ideal partner for organisations looking to develop new technologies or expand into new markets. We work very closely with customers to understand their requirements and offer them a truly bespoke service. All of our techniques and processes are standard to the Si-industry offering seamless transfer into your own facility or preferred foundry.

Group IV epitaxy

Advanced Epi supplies a wide range of group IV based materials including silicon germanium as well as many alloys such as SiGe, GeSn, SiB and more. Epilayers can be grown on 100, 150 and 200mm Si substrates as well as SOI or patterned substrates for selective epitaxy.

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3C-SiC Epitaxy

Advanced Epi's patented process enables the growth of high quality 3C-SiC films on silicon substrates using standard CVD growth processes found in the silicon industry reducing cost, minimising thermal stress and increasing wafer size and volumes.

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Device Fabrication

Advanced Epi has in-house device fabrication capabilities which allows us develop entire process chains from epitaxy to device fabrication and testing. In addition, the electrical properties of epilayers can be studied in great details through the fabrication of test devices offering in-depth material calibration.

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Advanced Epi can provide a range of material characterisation data on grown epi wafers using a range of destructive and non-destructive techniques including but not limited to FTIR thickness uniformity mapping, AFM surface morphology, X-ray diffraction, SEM, TEM and electrical characterisation.

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About us

Advanced Epi is a UK based company with access to world-leading semiconductor processes and is the perfect partner for any organisation looking to develop new technologies. Not only can we supply standard epitaxial materials but often work very closely with customers on new experimental projects offering knowledge and expertise to help develop processes specific to your application and requirements.

We are happy to supply small quantities of wafers for evaluation purposes and can grow with a project, supplying larger batches for high volume production. For more information on the techniques and processes we offer please click here.